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My name is Taylor and thanks for visiting my site. Hopefully you’re just as crazy about software as much as I am. Decided to start this blog when I realized that I was the source for all my friends on where to find free software online.

This is the place to get your up-to-date information about leveraging your free software with a sophisticated installation platform that will help you make money and perform deep analysis with the best platform out there, in my humble opinion, installCore.

In this site you will also find information about how online software protects privacy according to Gawker and the best techniques to make sure no one attacks your software!

If you’re crazy for software you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about internet browsing software and innovative competitor pricing software solutions all in one place. I know we’re all busy in this thing called life so trying to make things easier for you by giving you an inside look into the software look.

I’m also a huge fan of emoticons, they just really let you express yourself in the online world so I’ve added an entire section on this site. Look for the Emoticon and Animation Add-On section to learn how to better express yourself, and please, let me know if it works 

Sidenote, it’s incredible how animation has helped us express ourselves in a more effective manner since the first days of the internet. But anyways, I digress…

Help yourself around the site, always happy to hear feedback and thoughts. If there is any software you would like to have me review, happy to share the knowledge.

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