The best free online-based photo editor 2018

Everyone loves a beautiful picture, that’s why we sometimes go through the trouble of downloading an image software to give our images a quick boost. In situations where all you need is an easy and quick way to improve your images, a cost-free online image editor is the better option.

You may be expecting the browser-based image editors to be the way people edit images via image filters, however, there are numerous image-enhancing programs out there. As a matter of fact, some of them are so packed with awesome features that they rival superior desktop tools, with support for masks, layers and batch editing.

These online editors are compatible with almost all the modern web browsers, however, Flash-based editors will not work with mobile browsers.


  1. Pixlr Editor


Pixlr is among the best free photo editors online, with masks, layers, and lots more. If you are a spontaneous photographer, it may be the only resourceful tool you may need.

Most of the browser-based photo editing programs are simple programs that provide only filters. The Pixlr Editor online based interface is very different. So long as you’ve got a dependable internet connection and do not mind the nonexistence of plugins, this free image editing app is nearly as potent as the superior free desktop image editors.

Once you load up your image, you will have access to masks, selection tools, layers, clone stamps and everything else you would expect from a top-quality image editor. There is no batch-editing, but you can work on multiple images at once and edit them separately.

Pixlr Editor can be utilized via any browser that can support Flash. Regrettably, this means that it will not be able to work on some mobile devices. Currently, Pixlr Editor is the best free photo editor online. It’s the closest in comparison to Photoshop, it’s just that it is based online.


  1. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor


This is an exceptionally capable online image editor that’s selflessly designed and made easy to use – as you would expect from the leading name when it comes to creative software

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is an online based photo editing software. It comes with a widespread toolkit compared to the Photoshop Express application that is available for download, however, it can only provide support to pictures in JPG format and below 16MB.

Furthermore, this is a Flash-based piece of software, however, Adobe provides mobile apps for all its platforms to ensure you don’t miss out if you are using a tablet or smartphone.

This free online image editor has all the panache you would expect from Adobe, although it does not have a lot of tools like some of its competitors, everything that’s available has been polished to perfection with an exception of some options that are currently available in beta).

The sharpen burn and soften tools all perform as expected, and the ability to previewing each effect before making use of it is particularly liked. You also have the ability to reset your photo whenever you like, and you can use a slider to compare the original and edited version side by side.

Another particularly interesting tool is the Pop Color tool, it enables you to swiftly change the hue of a specific part of your photo. The fill Light is another welcome addition also, it helps to compensate for images that were taken in less ideal lighting environments.

Moving forward, there is a healing brush, an auto color correction, and a manual alteration of exposure and white balance– all very simple and slick to use.

It is very easy to use Adobe Photoshop Express Editor. Its setbacks are just the limits on uploaded file types and size, and a lack of support for its layers.

  1. Fotor


Fotor is a free online image editor that’s predominantly good for boosting up portraits before uploading them via social media

The free Fotor desktop program and the online image editor are two remarkable tools. There’s a file size limitation of 8MB on uploaded files, however, the editor will assist in resizing your pictures if they are too large. Fotor’s Flash-based outlook is fantastic, with a clever use of icons and foldaway toolboxes to make course-plotting straightforward.

The one-tap improvement tool is excellent for enhancing lackluster photos, and there is a notable array of manual tools for additional granular adjustments.

This tool is particularly liked for enhancing portraits, which includes tooth whitening and makeup – it’s convincing when used with restraint, and pleasurably ludicrous if not. Once you are satisfied with your edit, save your file to your PC, upload it to Dropbox or do as you please with it. Export choices for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and even Google+ are available.



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