Simple steps to create a personalized search engine for your class


Even if some teachers let their students do their research projects using a chaotic method, for others this a recipe for disaster. For each and every project it’s important to have good sources of information, but, it’s even more important to provide students with an easy way to retrieve that information.

Fortunately, the big G has the option of customizing students’ search experience by blocking some sections of internet, and also by emphasizing others. (Actually, you can even give your students the assignment of creating their own customized search engine.)

The aforementioned fact is the reason why teachers created custom search engines: they can easily decide what sites their students will see in their search. Plus, with this tool you can limit the number of sites that appear in a search.

This is a great way to protect protect young students from an overload of information or from ending on sites that have content beyond their levels of understanding.

Find below the steps that you need to take in order to create customized search engines.

Steps To Create Customized Search Engines for Students
Go on Google and search Google Custom Search. Next, choose “New Search Engine”. Add the resources that you want, like libraries, encyclopedias and other such resources. Once everything is customized as you see fit, you can furthermore customize what sites are displayed, or which ones are emphasized (a really useful feature).

More fine tuning can be performed, like letting autocomplete on or off, excluding sites from search, using synonyms of search terms, etc. Keep in mind that until you will get the results that you want, the formula will need refinement and tweaking.  Private Search History. That’s all you need to do!Furthermore, you should know that these custom search engines can be collaborative. You will find a “collaboration” link inside the control panel, and from there you can invite people who you want to help you in customizing the search engine.

MySearchDial toolbar With custom search engines it’s easy to create your faculty’s personal search engine that students can use. Plus, students will have access to highly relevant information sources. This is a highly important feature, especially when it comes to students of a more fragile age.