On-line searching Tools and their Varied Features


While the web directory and search engines are two different services offers online, they are often mistaken as being one and the same. Both have indices, while the one’s on search engines are built by crawlers or robots, the one’s on web directories are built up by human editors. Search engines that contain both human generated and computer generate index are known as hybrids. Microsoft Online Search.

Search engines usually have programs that are called spiders, crawlers or robots and have the following functions: locating web pages, read content of web pages and report the findings achieved to the search engine database of indice. Indices on search engines are updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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When a web searcher is using a search engine to a particular websites, he is actually trying to access the search engine’s index. Search engines that update their index information more regularly, represent their the information available online better. mysearchdial.com.

Web directories only use human editors to go through sites that are submitted. The data base on search engine is organized in a hierarchical tree structure, unlike that of a search engine. Another very common difference is that a web directory will list the root directory of a homepage or site, whereas a search engine provide the individual pages of the websites. Since the operation is manually handled, most web directories have to tie up with search engines to provide more relevant searches. Search Engine List.


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Now, that the differences between the two have been established, let’s look at how search engines function. Search engines are built with very complex algorithms that analyze which web site should be showcased first. The algorithms work in such a way that weights are assigned to variable and components.

For instance, a lot of search engines attach too much importance to the text that is in a title. A few reasons why text in a title is given so much importance include: the title is displayed right on top on the browser menu bar, it is also showcased in the search engine page that displays results and it is also displayed when you bookmark pages.

Titles are given much importance because they are displayed prominently on the results page, easy to find when bookmarked and also because they appear prominently on the menu bar browser.


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Algorithms provide weights when deciding which websites should be showcased first over another. However, the variables and weights are definitely something for another article altogether. It is important that the code on your website can be captured by spiders on search engines. For this you need to ensure well written content that is keyword specific.

Web directories should not be searched, but browsed through keeping in mind their hierarchical structure. The reason being that in web directories titles and descriptions are provided by humans that may not be within the source code of a page. If you wish to add something to a directory, you will need to pay a fee. The fee goes towards paying human editors.

A few directories have certain standards and entertain sites only that have unique information and is presented in a professional manner by a credible company.

In most cases users type in keywords into a search box when using search engines. This is indeed the quickest and easiest way of finding information. I usually use search engine to find technical information and I rely on web directories to give me a listing of websites that offer similar services.

I was once looking for an office sign for my organization. For this I used a the Yahoo! directory to find reliable manufacturer and after finding the appropriate category and vendors, I ended getting a handful of great quotes.