Does the Google personalized search engine give customers any real benefit?


The thing that is going to make or break Google’s Custom Search Engine is whether or not it’s going to provide users real value.


Basically, it depends on whether or not the search results that users will get using customized search engines are going to be better than the ones Google provides by default. Unless it’s going to somehow help the user, then users won’t use it.

Everybody knows that users want great search results. Users begin to search because they are looking for something. However, considering that the real work starts when the search results are displayed, users want to get great results instantly.

It happened to all of us: we do a search, get the results that don’t show us what we want, then we fine tune the search, and start all over. Basically, the aforementioned process is nothing more than a waste of time. And that’s where custom search engines come in: once we find one that’s built for our needs, we’ll be able to retrieve the information faster and more efficiently.

Now that we know what we want, how do we get to it?The whole idea is finding how custom search engines work better than a core search. Search engines don’t know user context. As an example, when a keyword is typed in that is a meaningful word and a company name at the same time, it’s impossible for Google to tell whether or not you want to review the company’s product, if you want to know about the company, or if you even look for the company and not for the meaningful word.

Unclutter Search History. Basically, it’s impossible for search engines know whether or not the query is made by an engineer, media person or a consumer. If Google would know these things it would be capable of providing better search results. And things only get more complicated as sites don’t really tell the types of audience they target. So, the question is: what can be done?

Custom search engines let human editors filter Google’s default search results. So, basically, a person can decide what sites should be included or excluded from search engine results, hence manually increasing or decreasing the rank of a site.

This way, it is possible to create custom search engines that are targeted towards a very specific audience. Basically, it’s easy to create a custom search engine for automobile engineers that would include results only from relevant industry sites. This way, they would have access to useful information without having to go through sites intended for other audiences. The end result will be saved time and effort.