It is much easier to understand what the other individual is trying to convey just based on his or her body language- That’s why on the internet, we need Smiley Emoticons


With the help of animation today, we can express how we feel in a more effective manner. Today, absolutely anything can be created with the help of the internet and animation. The one thing that has been constant since inception of mankind itself is communication.

While in the past, people communicated with the help of sketches and pictures, today things have changed and animation has come to become a preferred form of communicating. And that’s why the animated smiley is becoming more and more popular today, even more that still photographs.
Most of us have not become used to chatting with our friends and family online. Though one must remember that what we can see is only the words that are typed in. While words can be extremely powerful in conveying what you wish to stay, without the presence of pitch and tone, the core message may be lost in the process.

It’s happened to all of us, often the person does not understand exactly how we feel. And hence the animated smiley comes to the rescue with which you can express how you feel with the help of facial expressions very well.

Now people use the animated smileys along with regular sentences to express how they are feeling may it be joy, happiness or humour. Thousands of smileys displaying a variety of expressions can be found online and can be downloaded easily as well.

You will be amazed to see that there is an animated smiley for absolutely every expression and you can use the one you think is right to express how you are feeling. Often you may have noticed yourself that it is much easier to understand what the other person is trying to say just based on his or her body language. Body language is indeed another way in which one can easily understand how the other person might be feeling.

Animated smileys work just like body language while chatting online. Smileys are basically symbolic representations of feelings or reactions. For instance, if a person is sad, he will definitely send in a sad smiley and if he is not sad but happy, you will receive a happy smiley.Funmoods Smileys.

This is indeed a great way of adding some excitement to your chat. Infact these come in handy when you cannot think of what to say or you are simply to lazy to type. The sleeping animated smiley is used when people are tired and they want to take a little nap. They may have not mentioned that they are tired, but with the help of the sleeping smileys, the other person gets the hint right away.