Express your deepest inner thoughts with fantastic Smiley Face Emoticons


An emoticon expresses exactly how a writer is feeling graphically. The smile face emoticon suggests that the person who is composing the message is pleased. Here you will find more information about download emoticons that are animated.

Funmoods Emoticons. The emoticons we use today are digital, however, they date back to the nineteenth century, where they were freely used when writing humorous content. The first emoticons have known to be used in the early eighties, and since then their use has only grown in popularity.

This has to be true, as a 🙂 character was found, when someone was going through Abraham Lincoln’s records. Of course there is a still a debate about it being a typo or a deliberate attempt at a smiley. Smiley emoticons have been inspired by the original smileys of the sixties era.

It was typically a big yellow circle with a thick curve that made a smile and two facts that made the eyes. The smiley is known to have been created by an artist called Harvey Golf ball, it was used by an insurance company in their advertising and marketing campaign to boost the morale of their workers. It worked like a charm, as it was this character that formed the foundation of he smiley face emoticon that we have today. This is the simplest of all emoticons and is a small yellow smiley. Smiley Codes.

Today, these little smiley emoticons come in a host of variations. There are just so many smiley emoticons, you have the 50% grin, then the slanted grin, a smiley with sunglasses, smiley with an underhanded grin and a whole lot more. Smiley emoticons are created as .png or .gif formats. These emoticons can be downloaded for free from a large number of websites, they are also used in in Word and many other Microsoft Office programs.

A large number of discussion boards that allow one to pin up posts have the emoticon feature built in. Writers on these discussion boards can use variations of these emoticons freely to express how they feel.

Emoticons have proved to be extremely effective in providing great focus and apparently it also encourages people to trade ideas. When someone uses a smiley emoticon, it suggests that the person is pleased to communicate with you and will be glad to help. These are indeed a great way to help build a discussion and exchange ideas on discussion boards.

There are many other emoticons ASCII textual content that can be perceived as smileys. The original and traditional file is a graphic document, given the color and shape of the emoticon. These help provide a better effect and help in better communication. At the end of the day, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to learn what the smiley is trying to do, it is simply being friendly. talk and more :).