It is much easier to understand what the other individual is trying to convey just based on his or her body language- That’s why on the internet, we need Smiley Emoticons

  With the help of animation today, we can express how we feel in a more effective manner. Today, absolutely anything can be created with the help of the internet and animation. The one thing that has been constant since inception of mankind itself is communication. While in the past, people communicated with the help[…]

In the course of time,Smiley Emoticons have began to be extensively used even aside from the youngsters

  One of my friends commented – “ROFL… that was hilarious! :),”. The smiley aptly explained her happiness. I read it again to analyze her amusement. While rereading her chat message, I kept imagining her laughing face. Imagination didn’t help. Is it possible to imagine Ms Bannerjee laughing?Don’t go about laughing, even a smile is[…]

Express your deepest inner thoughts with fantastic Smiley Face Emoticons

  An emoticon expresses exactly how a writer is feeling graphically. The smile face emoticon suggests that the person who is composing the message is pleased. Here you will find more information about download emoticons that are animated. Funmoods Emoticons. The emoticons we use today are digital, however, they date back to the nineteenth century,[…]